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You will find Zaandam not far from Amsterdam, on the bank of the Zaan river. Zaandam is a medium-sized city in North Holland. It is known for the Zaanse Schans, the Zaan river and the annual Dam tot Damloop, a runner’s event from Amsterdam to Zaandam. In short, it’s a fantastic destination in every season!

  • Visit Zaandam by bicycle on a cycling holiday
  • Just 10 minutes away from Amsterdam
  • Stay at the hotel with one of the most remarkable facades in Holland

What to do in Zaandam?

The most famous attraction of Zaandam is the Zaanse Schans. This is where the 18th and 19th centuries come back to life. Stroll past the bakery museum and smell the scent of freshly baked bread or have a look at the warehouse where clogs are still made today. The Zaanse Schans is a unique piece of Holland full of authentic wooden houses, windmills, sheds and workshops. Go for a bicycle or boat tour, check out the little shops or have a great meal at the pancake restaurant. The Zaanse Schans is freely accessible every day.

Czaar Peterhuisje

The Czaar Peterhuisje (Tsar Peter house) can be found in the center of Zaandam. It is one of the oldest wooden houses in Holland (built in 1632) and boasts rich memories. Tsar Peter the Great stayed here in 1697 before he left for the V.O.C. shipyards in Amsterdam. With his brief stay, he gave this humble wooden laborer’s house its name and fame. To protect the house from the weather, a brick shell was built around it in 1823.


In addition to the great shops on the Zaanse Schans, you can also while away your time in the center of Zaandam. It was recently renovated and was elected second Best City Center in 2013.

Visit Zaandam on a cycling holiday

Zaandam is a great place to visit while on a cycling holiday. You will explore countless historic villages and enjoy the beautiful Dutch landscape while riding your bicycle. The Holland’s Highlights itinerary takes you to Zaandam and the Zaanse Schans.

Accommodations in Zaandam

When staying in Zaandam you can choose from a range of hotels, such as the four star hotel with its unique facade of 70 stacked Zaandam houses. Zaandam is near Amsterdam and the perfect starting point for visiting North Holland.

Near Zaandam

Go on a cycling tour through the Beemster or stroll along the Zaanse Schans. Visit the cheese market in Alkmaar on Friday and take the train for a day in Amsterdam.

We recommend

Discover Zaandam with the Holland Travel Ticket! A relaxed train trip to all of the highlights.

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