Amid the lakes, polders and streams for which Overijssel is known, you will find beautiful historic cities like Zwolle, Kampen and Deventer. They were part of the Hanseatic League: a partnership between European cities to boost trade. The riches of their early history is expressed in the beautiful monuments in these cities. You should also visit unique Giethoorn, the Venice of the North, where all houses stand by the waterside.

  • Zwolle

    Zwolle is a lively Hanseatic city with a Medieval centre, many shops and plenty of culinary treats.

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  • Giethoorn

    Visit ‘The Venice of Holland’ and enjoy the sight of unique farms from the water’s surface.

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  • Hansa Towns

    Discover more about the Hansa towns of Holland.

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  • Kampen

    Discover the Hanseatic town of Kampen with a rich history and over 500 monuments.

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Discover this historic Hanseatic city and its many monuments.

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Cycling holidays in Overijssel

Hotels in Overijssel

Check out the wide array of hotels, B&Bs and apartments in the province of Overijssel. Spend time in one of the extraordinary Hanseatic cities or rather in a beautiful nature reserve.

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Activities in Overijssel

Discover Overijssel

Overijssel is a beautiful province, any time of the year. In spring and summer you can go for a wonderful bicycle tour. In fall, the best venison dishes can be enjoyed here. The landscape is equally fascinating in winter, when you can seek out the warm spaces in the pleasant historic Hanseatic cities.

Historic Hanseatic cities

In the Middle Ages, a number of cities entered into a partnership to boost trade. This was called the Hanseatic League. It brought the cities huge riches, which is still reflected in the architecture. The IJssel river was an important trade route at the time, so you can find several Hanseatic cities along this river. Visit Zwolle, Kampen or Deventer, for instance.

Multifaceted nature

If you love nature, you will like Overijssel. The moor landscape of the Weerribben is unique in Holland. The Noordoost-Twente lies close to the German border. Forests and heathlands can be found on the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Enjoy beautiful nature in the National Landscape IJsseldelta with its curving little dykes and Holland’s oldest polder: Mastenbroek.

Overijssel with children

Overijssel is also a great province to visit with children. They will have a great time in Adventure Park Hellendoorn or Attraction Park Slagharen. Great for the entire family: go visit a castle! In Overijssel, you can explore the Weldam Estate or Nijenhuis Castle.