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Castle het Nijenhuis

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8131RD Heino

Located between Wijhe and Heino, Castle het Nijenhuis is an oasis of culture. Castle het Nijenhuis near Heino is one of the best preserved manorial farms in Overijssel. With a history that dates back to the mid-15th century, the castle and the outbuildings boast a multifaceted international art collection. The sculpture garden also hosts different expositions every year.

  • Visit one of the best-preserved manors in Overijssel.
  • Admire the diverse international art collection of museum De Fundatie.
  • Walk through the splendid statue garden.

Museum De Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie exhibits a unique collection of ancient and modern art at the Castle, in the form of paintings, drawings, sculptures and applied arts from many periods and cultures, the bulk of which originate from the extensive private collection of Dr. Dirk Hannema, the former director of the Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam, and the last resident of the castle (1895-1984).

Rich history

The history of Castle het Nijenhuis started in the late Middle Ages. The first mention of the property dates back to 1382. Over the years, the castle has been inhabited by various members of the nobility, including the Van Ittersum, Bentinck, and Von Knobelsdorff families. Het Nijenhuis is surrounded by a large garden with rare trees and plants. Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens where you’ll also discover numerous beautiful old and new sculptures.

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