South Holland

Azzurro Noordwijk

Lazingin the sun, walking along the beach, listening to the sound of the sea... Youwill definitely find peace by the seaside. But if you are looking for evenmore relaxation, a beauty treatment package with Azzurro Wellness in Noordwijk is a perfect choice.
Oude Zeeweg 57
2202CJ Noordwijk
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By the sea

Thisunique wellness centre is located just 100 metres from the beach, in a stunninglocation in the dunes. It is a beautiful spot where you can enjoy relaxingbeauty treatments and the best Ayurvedic massage with authentic warmed herbaloils.

Bathingsuit required

Inother words, if you want to be pampered during your holiday or if the weatheris less enjoyable, why not visit Azzurro Wellness? Please note that nude bathing isnot allowed so a bathing suit is required for every beauty treatment. In addition to thebeauty treatments, a small fee grants access to Azzurro’s wellness and sportsfacilities.

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