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Cycling Route Eiland van Dordrecht

This cycling route (30 km) leads through Dordrecht’s centre, the peaceful polders outside it and De Biesbosch.

  • Enjoy the alteration of historic city and polder landscape.
  • Have a picnic in one of the beautiful natural spots along the route.
  • Make a stop along the way to visit Twintighoeven museum.

The start is in the Johan de Wittstraat (near the NS train station) or at the tourist information office, Spuiboulevard 99. The route passes through the following nodes:

88 > 87 > 86 > 84 > 83 > 44 > 43 > 42 > 41 > 85 > 81 > 75 > 46 > 47 > 48 > 49 > 88

City and Biesbosch polders

Dordrecht has a historic centre full of monuments. The Medieval pattern of streets and characteristic harbours have barely changed. Before you dive into the green polder area, you will cycle through the city centre. Make a stop at Nieuwe Haven to visit the Huis van Gijn, a surprising and homely museum!

Willow forests and creeks

Following the St Elisabeth’s Flood of 1421, Dordrecht remained as a small island in a large inland sea. What had been polders were now flooded or changed into swamp-like areas. Throughout the centuries, certain parts dried up or were reclaimed. Along the rivers and on the southern tip of the island, willow forests and areas of wild vegetation emerged.

Picnicking in the Elzenbos forest

Those willow forests are part of National Park De Biesbosch. A polder forest was also created: the Elzenbos. You can walk, picnic or swim in natural waters along the route. Take a walk down the nature path along the Nieuwe Merwede river, find out more about the cultural history of the island in Museum Twintighoeven and enjoy the view over the river from a terrace at the Kop van ’t Land.

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