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South Holland

The family resort of Katwijk aan Zee

The family-friendly seaside resort of Katwijk lies only 5 km west of Leiden, with a lovely lighthouse and a long beach promenade.

  • The bright sandy beach at Katwijk is 5 km long.
  • The emblems of Katwijk are the white church and the white lighthouse.
  • The beach promenade invites you to come for relaxing walks.

Maritime sightseeing in Katwijk: beach with lighthouse

Katwijk is located directly by the sea and has a promenade which is perfectly suited for a cozy walk. When you visit, you should definitely take a look around the oldest lighthouse on the Dutch coast and the little white church. The church borders a small courtyard lined with old fisherman's houses. It gives you a good impression of the significance of the place in the olden days.

Katwijk attracts people all year round. In summer, families mainly come here to enjoy the sunshine and the beach. In the winter, Katwijk is a fantastic place to go for a walk, alone or with the dog on the beach, and feel the fresh North Sea wind in your hair. And if you're looking for culture and shopping, you'll be in good hands in Leiden, which is only 5 km away.

Activities in and around Katwijk aan Zee

A walk on the beach with the dog is definitely one of the loveliest activities in the resort of Katwijk for animal lovers. There's even a designated 2.5 km long dogs' beach, which reaches from beach access point 23 in Katwijk to the flower resort of Noordwijk. You can also cover this route along the coast and through the flower fields very easily by bicycle. At last, we've entered the cycling land of Holland, where kilometer-long cycling routes are waiting for you. Even the Dutch coastal route, which covers 570 km, runs through the family resort of Katwijk.

Would you rather stay in one place and enjoy the maritime flair of the resort of Katwijk? Then you should definitely try climbing the pretty white lighthouse of Katwijk, which is one of Holland's oldest lighthouses. From a height of 30 m, you'll have a fantastic view as far as the resort of Scheveningen and the university city of Leiden. Or fortify yourself for a shopping trip with Dutch cheese and delicious raisin bread from the bakery.

Trips with children: pancakes and rockets

From the south of the boulevard, you can cycle through the dune landscape of Meijendel to the Hague (the Hague-Katwijk cycle route). De Pan van Persijn is a popular wooded area where children can have a fun time playing and then go for something to eat in the pancake restaurant.

There are also other attractive seaside resorts in the vicinity which invite you to come for a walk or go sunbathing, such as Scheveningen and Noordwijk. A trip to the Space Expo in Noordwijk is an exciting experience that isn't just for children. Here, you'll learn everything about the world of space travel.

Historic cities which are definitely worth seeing are Leiden (great ice-cream parlors in the center, and a fantastic museum about the human body: Corpus) and the Hague. Older children can enjoy the Gevangenpoort Prison Museum there, while the younger ones will enjoy the miniature town of Madurodam.

Trips in the surrounding area

Katwijk is located on the marvelous North Sea coast, which invites you to take long walks along the beach and through the dunes. The hinterland of Katwijk is also known for its many flower fields. Thousands of tulips, hyacinths and narcissi bloom here in the spring. Grab a bicycle and set off on a long cycling tour through this colorful splendor! By the way: The famous Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world, isn't too far away from Katwijk.

If you're traveling without a car: getting around with public transport isn't a problem in Holland. A bus will take you from Katwijk to Leiden, and from there, take the train to all regions and cities in the Netherlands. If you're bringing your own car for your vacation in Katwijk aan Zee, then please be aware that there are parking charges in the center and near the beach (except on Sundays).

Accommodation in Katwijk

Stay in a bed and breakfast directly by the beach, or in a romantic manor by the river – in the seaside resort of Katwijk aan Zee, you'll find a wide range of accommodation types: from cheaper hostels to trendy B&Bs to a cozy beach hotel.

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