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It may be Holland’s smallest province, but Utrecht boasts many nature reserves and special castles that you can visit. Be sure not to miss the pleasant cities of Utrecht and Amersfoort.

Things to do

Eating & drinking

You will find many castles and beautiful country estates in this province. You can have dinner or spend the night in extraordinary places. Cafés and restaurants are clustered together in the city of Utrecht. The area around Oude Gracht is especially attractive with its terraces and wharf cellars by the water.

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Food & Drink

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Food & Drink

Cafés and terraces in Utrecht

10x best cafes and terraces in Utrecht.

Food & Drink

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Where to stay

Indoor shopping in Utrecht

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Discover Utrecht

Province Utrecht Province is located in the heart of Holland. It is the smallest province, but it has a lot to offer. Cities, picturesque villages, varied natural landscapes, as well as attractions and museums.

Historic cities

The eponymous capital of Utrecht Province was built around the Domkerk church. The city is known for its many canals with wharf cellars, terraces, restaurants and its countless shopping streets. Amersfoort, too, has an impressive historic city center with canals and medieval city walls.

Discover Utrecht Province by bicycle

The landscape is perfect for a cycling holiday. There are several cycling holidays available in this province, such as the Old Cities Tour or the IJsselmeer and North Sea Route.

Utrecht province with children

There is a lot to do and discover for children in this province. You can visit animal parks like Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen and Dierenpark Amersfoort. Or the Miffy Museum where toddlers can discover the world of this famous bunny.

Accessibility of Utrecht Province

From Amsterdam and Schiphol, there is an excellent railway connection to the capital of Utrecht. It takes no more than 30 minutes. Because of its central location, there are direct trains between Utrecht Central Station and many other cities. There is also a comprehensive bus network.

Cycling holidays in Utrecht

Where is what?

Places to visit


Amersfoort has a compact city centre that is just perfect for a day on the town.

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Utrecht is situated in the heart of Holland and is one of the oldest Dutch cities. Get all the ins and outs of this university town.