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When you stroll through the city centre of Amersfoort, you will discover a centuries-old street pattern. Admire the many historic buildings and well-tended monuments. It is a beautiful, compact city centre that is just perfect for a day on the town. Amersfoort draws more than a million day tourists every year, partly thanks to its beautiful city centre, lovely canals, great shopping opportunities, and welcoming terraces, cafés and restaurants.

Mondrian in Amersfoort

The Mondriaanhuis museum may be the cultural highlight of the city. Explore the house in which Piet Mondrian was born. In addition to some of his early works you will also find a replica of his Parisian workshop here.

The Flehite museum is the place to go for more art and culture. Another highlight in Amersfoort is the Onze Lieve Vrouwentoren, one of the tallest church towers in Holland, and the beautiful Koppelpoort, the old city gate. Continue your walk along the ‘Muurhuizen’ or wall houses, which are built on what used to be the city wall.

Cafés and restaurants in Amersfoort

The city’s beer-brewing reputation dates back to the Middle Ages. It’s a wonderful idea to conclude your day with a beer at city brewery De Drie Ringen or the oldest café in Amersfoort, In Den Grooten Slock. With its many festivals and events, the city is always a lively place. Especially in summer, not a weekend goes by without a special event being organised.

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