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Fortresses of Utrecht

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Utrecht has 16 fortresses, which no longer serve a military purpose. Located in areas of scenic beauty, the fortresses are a sight to be seen. The fortresses of Utrecht are a part of the New Dutch Waterline. This was a strip of land which, when flooded, made up a defense line. The main part of the New Dutch Waterline lies in the province of Utrecht and around the city of Utrecht.

  • Discover this unique piece of history.
  • Part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (New Hollandic Water Line).
  • Nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site 2020.

Fortresses and Sceneries

The local tourist information office (VVV) has several tours and package deals that allow you to discover the fortresses of Utrecht. You can walk, cycle, skate and canoe along the fortresses or book a package deal including a boat trip and a high tea. Whatever you prefer the historical fortresses and the nature surrounding them won’t disappoint you.

Trails and Package Deals

Discover the city of Utrecht by traveling along one of the numerous fortress trails. The local tourist information office is more than happy to help you select a trail or package deal that fits your wishes.