Groeneveld Castle -
Photo: Front view of Castle Groeneveld

Groeneveld Castle

Groeneveld Castle is an 18th-century country estate located in Baarn. Marcus Mamuchet had this country estate built in 1703 so he could have a place to go and forget about his hectic city life during the summer. After his death, it fell into the hands of Lucas van der Dussen, who built two semi-circular wings onto the castle. In the years that followed, the gardens and the park were developed further in English landscape style. You can also visit one of the three xylotheques, a collection of wood from various trees.

  • Visit Castle Groeneveld, an eighteenth-century manor.
  • Children can explore the castle on a scavenger hunt.
  • Take a walk through the gorgeous park garden with a forester.
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3744ML Baarn

Scavenger hunts and classical music

Exhibitions to be enjoyed by both young and old are held throughout the year in the castle and its garden. Children can explore all the nooks and crannies of the castle on a scavenger hunt. On top of that, the castle regularly plays host to classical music concerts. For the hungry ones, the grand cafe in the former coach house serves the most delicious of organic regional products, from 11:00 to 17:30.

Hiking and biking around the castle

Under the guidance of a real forest ranger, visitors can explore the area around the castle. The beautiful park at Groeneveld boasts a flower garden and a restaurant with outdoor terrace. The park-like gardens were built according to the strictest Dutch Baroque style, a derivative of the French style. A typical characteristic of this style is the geometric shapes. Several long hiking and biking trails pass by Groeneveld Castle. In cooperation with the Dutch Forest Service, visitors can talk guided walks with a forest ranger.

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