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Cadzand and its seaside resort Cadzand-Bad are situated on the coast of Zeeland Flanders. The village provides an excellent starting point for day trips. Just think of the beautiful beach, a treasure trove for shark teeth collectors. The narrow dune range, where you will find a wide offer of apartments and hotels, is skirted by the Wielingen Promenade. This unique promenade is lined with Doric pillars and design street lights - it's like walking on the Acropolis.

  • Enjoy the magnificent white beaches and dunes of Cadzand.
  • Discover amazing spots in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen from Cadzand.
  • Cadzand was chosen as the healthful seaside resort of Holland.

Towns you should not miss

Extensive cycling and walking routes allow you to explore the hinterland of Zeeland Flanders. Towns you should not miss include historic Sluis and Oostburg which both offer excellent facilities. Hulst and Terneuzen are also worth a visit. For an area of natural beauty within easy reach, visit the Zwin, where the dunes have given way to the sea's ebb and flood tides which are now shaping the scenic area. The ferry will quickly take you to Vlissingen or Middelburg. Or take a trip abroad to the Belgian coast or the cultural cities which are only a stone's throw away.

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To the north of Cadzand you will find Nieuwvliet-Bad. This seaside resort comprises a wide range of accommodation facilities nesting next to the dunes. Although not very large, it is a delightful place to stay if you really intend to spend your holiday on the beach. Nieuwvliet is a village located a few kilometers away and offers an excellent range of shops.

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Holiday by the sea

Holiday by the sea? Discover the many options here.

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