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Culinary Zeeland

In Zeeland you can enjoy fresh produce in the best restaurants. Enjoy lobster or oysters on a terrace with a view of the sea or a pan of mussels once mussel season takes off in summer.
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Salty flavours from Zeeland

Everything you need to know about the tastiest seafood from Zeeland.

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7x Michelin Starred Restaurants in Zeeland

Discover the very best of Zeeland’s restaurants.

Try these Zeeland specialty foods

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Taste the season: Zeeland mussels

Discover the flavour of Zeeland mussels at the best mussel restaurants.

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Taste the season: Eastern Scheldt lobster

Discover the unique flavour of Zeeland lobster at the best lobster restaurants.


Taste the season: Zeeland oysters

Discover how Zeeland oysters are raised and enjoyed.