Liberation Museum Zeeland


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The province of Zeeland played a crucial role during the liberation of Holland in the Second World War. The Battle for the Scheldt is often forgotten, but is brought back to life the in the permanent and temporary exhibitions in the Liberation Museum Zeeland in Nieuwdorp.

  • Follow the story of the young Kees Sinke, who was called to service during the mobilisation of the Dutch army in 1939.
  • View an impressive film about the war in Zeeland.
  • Learn about Bataljon Zeeland, a group of volunteers who took part in the fight to liberate Holland.

During the liberation of Holland, Zeeland played a crucial role. After the Battle for the Scheldt, the harbour of Antwerp was open for Allied ships, allowing the Allied armies to be provisioned. The story of this battle is told in the museum.

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When planning a visit to the museum, bear in mind that the museum is closed on Sundays, Mondays and Christian holidays. In the winter season, the museum is also closed on Tuesdays.

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Liberation Museum Zeeland
Coudorp 41
4455AH Nieuwdorp

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