National park Oosterschelde -
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National park Oosterschelde

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An open connection to the sea allows tides to have free reign in Oosterschelde National Park. This creates a dynamic natural environment where salt and fresh water attract a very diverse flora and fauna. Whole tracts of land disappear under water at high tide, only to become dry again at low tide. The sand banks and plates are packed with food, attracting thousands of birds, in addition to the seals that come here for sunbathing.

A rich underwater world

The Oosterschelde is a National Park with a remarkable underwater world. The largest mammals in this area are the seals and harbor porpoises. The latter is the most common cetacean along the Dutch coast. There are several diving schools making it possible to examine the sea life of the Oosterschelde up close. If you take such a diving trip, you will be amazed at the rich underwater world with oysters, crabs, lobsters, clams, flatfish, shrimp and many other kinds of fish and shellfish.

If you prefer to stay on land, the rare plants and mosses along the Oosterschelde are worth noting. Characteristic for the area are sea lavender, sea aster and glasswort. Don't forget to bring a pair of binoculars to admire the hundreds of species of birds, including oystercatchers, wigeon, eagles and gulls.

Explore the Oosterschelde

There are numerous ways to explore the Oosterschelde. Besides the many biking and hiking trails, you can also go beach combing, visit a mussel farm or make a trip in boots over the tidal marshes and mud flats. The Oosterschelde is a paradise for both the fishing enthusiast and the birdwatcher. In summer you can swim, snorkel or paddle at one of the many beaches around the Oosterschelde.

Do you have any children? Then a visit to Neeltje Jans is worth the trip. Here the history of the Delta and the operation of the storm barrier is explained in a lively and playful way. Children also have direct access to the local flora and fauna.



In Zeeland you will find the perfect combination of beach, sea, dunes and historic areas.

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