Photo: © Djedj via Pixabay

Popular towns in Zeeland

Zeeland boasts the most beautiful towns, such as Domburg, Renesse, Goes, Oostkapelle, Yerseke, and more. Every town has its own character. Yerseke is the place to be for the freshest seafood, Goes is great for a shopping spree, and Domburg offers healing seawater. Read more about the most popular towns in Zeeland here and discover unique holiday homes and hotels for a fantastic holiday in this province.

Middelburg glows with an irresistible flair between twisty alleyways and historic buildings.

Lots of beaches, lots of history, lots of fun - that's Vlissingen!

Ideal for beach and nature lovers

A beautiful, historic town with many monuments.

Sunbathing, strolling or surfing - what do you fancy?

Zoutelande offers sea, beaches and comfort.



21 km beach, beautiful water and pure pleasure!

Dunes, woods, and a long, dreamy beach.

Goes marina with the historic buildings


Goes is the shopping town of Zeeland. Walk through the old streets and discover many specialty boutiques. Don't miss the cafes and restaurants either.

Expore historic Domburg, the oldest seaside resort in Zeeland.



Enjoy the marvelous white beaches and the lovely dunes on the Zeeland coast.

Ouddorp is an ideal family seaside resort: vast beaches, nature and lots of space.