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Renesse draws a great mix of holiday-goers every summer. Families, seekers of rest and relaxation and youthful beach lovers mix and mingle in the picturesque village. This should come as no surprise, considering that the beach of Renesse is 21 kilometres (13 miles) long. The coastline is dotted with about a dozen beach cafés/restaurants, some of which are open throughout the winter as well.

  • Visit Renesse and enjoy the 21 kilometers worth of white beaches.
  • Discover the countless welcoming beach clubs and sparkling nightlife.
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The Renesse beaches

Renesse has won several international awards for its clean beaches and the excellent quality of its swimming water. The diversity of Renesse’s beaches is another reason why people from all walks of life are attracted to the white, clean beaches. Renesse has nature, nude, family and active beaches, the latter specifically reserved for surfing and water-skiing. In short, Renesse has something for everyone.

Renesse attractions

Young people tend to flock to Renesse for the party cafés and night clubs. But of course the seaside resort has much more to offer. There are night markets – open until midnight – in summer. Or go for a hike or a bike ride in the surrounding countryside, or take time out to visit the Moermond keep and Sint-Jacobskerk church. You won’t be bored in Renesse.

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Spending the night in Renesse

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