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Taste the season: Zeeland oysters

Zeeland and oysters are a natural combination. Why not go and see how they are raised and processed, and of course taste their wonderful flavour?

  • Taste the salty flavour of oysters in Zeeland.
  • Oyster season runs from September through April.
  • Do you know the difference between flat Zeeland oysters and creuses?

If you love fish and shellfish, Zeeland is the right province for you. Particularly if you are fond of oysters, because Zeeland has a reputation to uphold in this area.

Zeeland oysters

Two types of oysters are raised in Zeeland: flat Zeeland oysters (Zeeuwse platte) and creuses (Zeeuwse bolle). Both are raised in the Grevelingen and Eastern Scheldt.
The difference between the two is that flat oysters take about six years before they can be eaten while the creuse is fully grown after just two years. Naturally the Zeeuwse platte has an extremely refined flavour and is much rarer.

Oyster season

Oyster season runs from September through April, so this is the time to enjoy this delicacy at good restaurants in Zeeland.

Taste Zeeland oysters

Oysters from Zeeland have a briny, fresh flavour and are best enjoyed with some fresh lemon juice. They are served at good restaurants in Zeeland. We have selected several for you.

Nolet's Vistro
Burgemeester Sinkelaan 6, Yerseke

De Oesterij
Havendijk 12, Yerseke

Restaurant de Branding
Havendijk 50, Yerseke

Restaurant Cadzandia
Boulevard de Wielingen 2, Cadzand



In Zeeland you will find the perfect combination of beach, sea, dunes and historic areas.

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