Walcheren National Landscape

Southwest Zeeland is a beautiful area that is especially known for its beautiful beaches; it attracts thousands of people every summer. But there is more than sun, sea and sand. Southwest Zeeland can be divided into three National Landscapes: Walcheren, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and Zuid-Beveland. Each of these national landscapes represent a unique part of Zeeland in which you can enjoy nature, culture and the local cuisine.

  • The coast of Walcheren is one of the prettiest in the Netherlands.
  • The dunes invite you for a hike of bike ride.
  • Walcheren has four areas with creeks with special birds and plant species.
Walcheren used to be an independent island, but now it is part of Zuid-Beveland. It is a National Landscape with polders, creeks, country estates, villages and cities. Well-known vacation locations in this area are Domburg, Westkapelle, Vlissingen, Middelburg, Veere, Vrouwenpolder, Oostkapelle and Zoutelande. Not only do the dikes of Walcheren protect the inhabitants of the area, they also tell the story of centuries of land reclamation.

The beaches of Walcheren

It is no wonder that Walcheren attracts thousands of tourists, both local and foreign, who want to enjoy the beach. The coast of Walcheren is justifiably one of the prettiest in the Netherlands. You can sunbathe in the summer and in the winter you can catch some fresh air.

The dunes invite you for a hike or a bike ride. You will pass by de Manteling which is a two hundred year old oak forest. As a consequence of the hard sea wind, this forest does not exceed one meter in height.

In the hinterland, you can also find beautiful mansions of merchants that date back to the 16th century as well as the Fort Rammekens, a fortress for which battles have been fought for centuries by various powers.

Walcheren has four areas with creeks where there is plenty to find for the true nature lover. Special bird, butterfly, herb and plant species are present in these areas. The most unusual birds in the area include the horned grebe, the black-necked grebe, and the kingfisher.

Fun for all ages

Zealand has plenty to offer for young and old. You can learn about the history of the people of Zeeland and the water in the Maritime muZEEum of Vlissingen, absorb the culture of Zeeland in the Zeeuws Museum Middelburg, the old Fort Rammekens or have the a pirate experience at Het Arsenaal. All these activities are of course easily combined with a visit to the beautiful beaches of Walcheren as well as reservations to taste delicious local dishes.

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