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The province of Zeeland is in fact one big river delta of the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt. Zeeland is well known for its fantastic beaches, water sport activities and Delta Works. Tours through Middelburg, Vlissingen and Zierikzee are also very popular. These beautiful cities are home to a few hundred unique monuments.

Highlights of Zeeland

The beaches of Zeeland are ideal for a summer holiday. There are numerous beach and water activities for young and old. You can learn more about the rich history of Zeeland at the museums muZEEum and Zeeuws Museum and theme park Neeltje Jans. Wander through the old city center of Zeeland’s historical towns and villages and you might come across a lady in regional costume.

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Ask any Dutchman what is typically Zeeuws and he would probably say “boterbabbelaars”. This world-famous type of butterscotch and the tasty bolussen (sticky sweet cakes) are typical Zeeland sweets. There are of course tasty savoury things too, like oysters, mussels and Oosterschelde lobster. Of course it depends on the season, but this seafood is always freshly caught.

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All about Zeeland

In Zeeland you will find the perfect combination of beach, sea, dunes and historic areas.

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Holland is home to an impressive coastline with long beaches, blue skies and a sheer endless sea.

Hotels in Zeeland

Rooms with a sea view or accommodation in a picturesque village. Find the best hotels in Zeeland.

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