Dutch Coast


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Learn about Dutch fishing life at the Zuiderzee Museum

During the time of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), a true gold coast developed alongside lake IJsselmeer. Start exploring the 'historical triangle' in Hoorn, one of the most visited harbours of the IJsselmeer. From here you can travel with an original steam tram to Medemblik where your journey continues by a historical ferry to Enkhuizen. While in Enkhuizen, visit the Zuiderzee Museum and experience what life was like in the area in the 19th century. You can stroll around the park’s authentic recreations of a church park, polder, fishing village and town.

North Holland

The province of North Holland has a large coastal area with wide, clean beaches and a variety of beach resorts, each with its own atmosphere:

Bloemendaal aan Zee is probably the most popular beach in the country. Hip and trendy with loads of places to lounge.

Zandvoort has a stretch of sandy beach of 6 miles long and 330 feet wide, enough space for a recreational day out.

Callantsoog is one of the country's oldest coastal towns.

Groote Keeten is a tiny coastal town situated near one of the widest beaches of Holland. Sun seekers can find peace and tranquillity here.

Bergen aan Zee has a beautiful beach, a great sea aquarium, beautiful dunes and a vibrant village with nice shops.

Egmond aan Zee is a traditional fishermen's village complete with nice beach pavilions.


From Middelburg to Veere, the region is home to many cute historical towns! It doesn't matter in which direction you travel in Zeeland; there are interesting things to see and to discover. Savour the wonderful seafood that Zeeland is famous for, like oysters and mussels.

Goes is in the centre of Zeeland. It is connected to the Eastern Scheldt by a shipping canal. The history of this hostoric trading town relies on the many historic listed buildings and monuments in the town centre. The charming town harbour and the fortifications around the centre still bear witness to a glorious past.

Domburg is a small resort town with one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. In town, you will find small restaurants and cafés, terraces and cosy hotels. Domburg used to be the favourite hangout of famous painters like Mondriaan and Toorop.

Middelburg, Zeeland’s capital, has more monumental buildings per square metre than any other town in Holland. Climb the 97 yards 'Lange Jan' tower and walk on the market square past the City Hall and other Flemish late Gothic style buildings. The centuries-old abbey accommodates the Zeeland Museum and its famous collection of tapestries.

Sluis, a lovely fortified town with a rich history and a flamboyant atmosphere, is the birthplace of the patron Jantje van Sluis. During the middle Ages the town of Sluis was part of the historic Zwin towns of Bruges, Damme and St. Anna ter Muiden. In the 14th century Sluis was fortified with walls, gates, forts and watch towers.

The Zeeland Bridge is the longest bridge in Holland. It connects the islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland. The Zeeland Bridge was built between 1963 and 1965. It has a total length of 16,450 feet.

The Hague beach life

Only a stone’s throw away from the city centre of The Hague, you will find the beautiful seaside resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin. There is a direct bus and tram connection to the resorts.


Scheveningen is a popular beach resort. Although close to the city centre, Scheveningen has its own look and atmosphere still boasts the characteristics of a traditional fishing port. In the centre of the 'old village' and on the always lively boulevard, you can enjoy delightful outdoor cafés and the amazing shops and restaurants. The beach and the dunes have plenty to offer sport enthusiasts. Sailing, (kite)surfing, fishing and diving are only a few of the many water sports activities available. If it’s shopping you’re after, visit the Promenade, Scheveningen's indoor shopping centre, which is open seven days a week. Why not also pay a visit to the Sculpture by the Sea Museum. A great collection of sculptures set in a dramatic location overlooking the North Sea.

A wide variety of fresh seafood is served in Scheveningen's excellent restaurants situated on the lively boulevard and near the marina.


Unlike Scheveningen, you will not run into many tourists at Kijkduin beach. The quiet and attractive beach is great for nature lovers and families. The sand dunes offer wonderful hiking opportunities, and the Kijkduin area is an ideal place for cycling and horseback riding, too.
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Holland is home to an impressive coastline with long beaches, blue skies and a sheer endless sea.