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The natural beauty and quiet of Ameland, also known as the ‘Wadden Diamond’, earned this island the Quality Coast Award in 2009. De Hôn and Het Oerd nature reserves are home to fantastic flora and fauna, and the island has a rich history of whaling and merchant shipping. 

Highlights of Ameland

Ameland offers many activities throughout the year:

  • Beach express: tractor rides across the beach,
  • Seal watching: boat tours to the seal colony on a neighbouring sandbank,
  • Horseback Rescue Team: watch their monthly demonstrations,
  • De Oerdblinkert: climb the 24-metres high dune,
  • Commander’s homes: the oldest buildings on the island,
  • Sport fishing: Ameland is a great place to fish for mackerel.

Visit Ameland

Discover Ameland with its 56-meter-high lighthouse and picturesque villages and farms. Try some of the culinary specialities of the island, such as rye bread, farm cheese, mustard and catfish. A shot of Ameland’s authentic liqueur is called a Nobeltje.

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