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Terschelling is the second largest of the West Frisian Islands. The oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands, the Brandaris from 1594, welcomes visitors to the island. Good collaboration between humans and nature has resulted in a varied landscape that ranges from a shoreline to tidal marshes and forests.

Highlights of Terschelling

Every year thousands of visitors visit the following highlights:

  • Traditional trades: farmhouses where cheese or ice cream is produced,
  • Boschplaat nature reserve: unique plant species, butterflies and enormous bird colonies,
  • Mudflat tours: discover the world between ebb and flood.

Visit Terschelling

Terschelling has various galleries and exhibition spaces and a wide range of restaurants and entertainment venues. During the Oerol Festival, Terschelling is transformed into one big stage for art forms like cabaret, singing and dancing and attracts thousands of visitors. Just like on Vlieland, the culinary specialty of Terschelling are cranberries.

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