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Terschelling is the second largest of the West Frisian Islands. The oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands, the Brandaris from 1594, welcomes visitors to the island. Good collaboration between humans and nature has resulted in a varied landscape that ranges from a shoreline to tidal marshes and forests.

  • Explore Terschelling and enjoy long beaches and great attractions on the island.
  • Visit the Oerol Festival, an open-air festival featuring cabaret, song and dance.
  • Try fresh cranberries, one of Terschelling’s local delicacies.

Highlights of Terschelling

Every year thousands of visitors visit the following highlights:

  • Traditional trades: farmhouses where cheese or ice cream is produced,
  • Boschplaat nature reserve: unique plant species, butterflies and enormous bird colonies,
  • Mudflat tours: discover the world between ebb and flood.

Visit Terschelling

Terschelling has various galleries and exhibition spaces and a wide range of restaurants and entertainment venues. During the Oerol Festival, Terschelling is transformed into one big stage for art forms like cabaret, singing and dancing and attracts thousands of visitors. Just like on Vlieland, the culinary specialty of Terschelling are cranberries.


At low tide, you can hike across the bottom of the Wadden Sea. You should always go on a guided tour because this hike is not without risks. The sea bottom consists of sandbanks, mud and sand flats that harbor a great variety of birds, plants and fish. If you are lucky, you will even spot seals frolicking on the sandbanks. A wonderful and unique experience!

Accessibility and parking on Terschelling

Terschelling is within easy reach from Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schipholl. It is a 90 minute drive to Harlingen, where convenient parking facilities are available. From here, you can walk or take the shuttle bus to the ferry. On the island itself, it is best to rent bicycles. Book your ferry tickets online at a discount!

Other attractions nearby

Terschelling is not the only Wadden Island; Texel, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland are also well worth a visit. These islands have beautiful beaches and unique flora and fauna as well.

Spending the night in Terschelling

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Editors’ tip: Visit the cranberry shed and discover how wild cranberries are made into delicious products. A cup of coffee with cranberry tart is a must! (Address: Mersakkerweg 5, Formerum, Terschelling).

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