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Texel lamb

Ruijslaan 22
De Koog

Texel’s lambs are famous for their exceptional quality and taste, which is the result of the natural environment in which they are raised.

  • Texel lamb is famous for its exceptional quality and flavour.
  • Taste Texel lamb in local restaurants.
  • Enthusiasts come to Texel especially for the lamb.

Texel’s landscape

In Texel, you will immediately notice the many sheep pastures. Sheep and lambs graze off the grass growing from the silty soil. The various pastures in which they graze are separated by grassy earthworks. These are unique in Holland and are maintained by the farmers of Texel.

Unique taste

Texel lambs spend 100 days in the pastures, where they can freely skip around, drink their mothers’ milk and graze. These great living conditions determine their taste. Lovers of lamb come to this island just to taste it in the restaurants and, in many cases, to take some home as well.

Try Texel lamb

Various restaurants can be found on the island. We have listed a number for you.

1. Bij Jef *
Herenstraat 34, Den Hoorn, Texel

2. Opduin
Ruijslaan 22, De Koog ,Texel

3. Bistro 't Kerckeplein
Oesterstraat 6, Oosterend ,Texel

4. Inn De Knip
De Naal 2, Den Hoorn, Texel

5. Hotel Brasserie Rebecca
Hogereind 39, De Waal - Texel

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