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Havenweg 10
8899BB Vlieland

Discover the Wadden Island of Vlieland and enjoy serene nature, cultural and culinary highlights and some well-deserved peace and quiet.

  • Visit Vlieland and discover its charming village.
  • Rent a bicycle and explore the beautiful surroundings.
  • Read more on how to reach Vlieland here.

Peaceful and spacious

Vlieland is the Wadden Island that is the most remote from the mainland. This quiet island has only one village. The island is largely forested, but also has the eye-catching Vuurboetsduin. This is a forty-metre high dune with a red lighthouse on top. The island is around 12 km in length and no more than 2 km in width.

Highlights of Vlieland

The highlights of the Wadden Island Vlieland are:

  • Tromp’s Huys: exhibition on the historic and maritime past of Vlieland,
  • Vliehors express: safari in a converted military truck across the sand flats,
  • Seal watching: Boat tour on the Wadden Sea.

Visit Vlieland

Here are some last tips before you visit Vlieland. In the first week of September, there’s a great pop festival for all ages called ‘Into The Great Wide Open’. Another tip is to try the culinary speciality of the island, cranberries. Everything imaginable is made with cranberries on Vlieland.

Accessibility Vlieland

If you're looking to visit Vlieland, take the two-hour ferry that departs from Harlingen. You can also opt for the express boat from Harlingen port to Vlieland, which takes a mere 45 minutes. Cars are not permitted on Vlieland. Please use one of the parking lots at Harlingen port. One full parking day costs approximately €5. You can also reach Harlingen port by train. The terminal is only a few minutes' walk from Harlingen station. We advise renting a bicycle when on the island. 

Spending the night on Vlieland

Are you searching for a hip design hotel, a romantic bed & breakfast, or a pleasant holiday home for your family? Vlieland has suitable accommodations for every taste and budget. Check out the comprehensive selection and book your perfect holiday here!

More in the area

Vlieland is only one of the Wadden Islands. The other islands, however, are also worth paying a visit to. For example, the island of Texel, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. Each island has its own characteristic charm!

Tip from the editor:

Go mudflat hiking and discover the seabed with salt marshes, mud fields and trenches. This is, of course, all done under guide supervision, who also points out all the interesting bits during the hike while keeping you safe! With a bit of luck you'll also be able to spot seals at play.

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