De Kiefhoek


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De Kiefhoek

The Kiefhoek is a progressive social housing neighborhood from 1930. Itsarchitectonic design fits the style of the modern movement and is praised all over the world. Take a tour in one of the houses to find out more about the Kiefhoek.

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In 1930, a new social housing project called the ‘Kiefhoek’ was developed in Rotterdam. In 1999 this work by  architect Oud would be included in the Union Internationale des Architectes’ list of the 1000 most important structures of the twentieth century.

Modern Movement

The social housing project is an example of the modern movement. Central to the design is the functionality of the neighborhood and the houses. . 298 houses, two shops and a church were developed and are still being used today.

Typical for the neighborhood is that it has a secluded impression from the outside, while the area feels very open and spacious when walking through it.

Guided Tours at Kiefhoek

Just like with the cubic houses, one house in the Kiefhoek has been reserved for tours. On this tour, you’ll get to learn everything about the architect’s original aim, the design of the neighborhood and the background of its first inhabitants.

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De Kiefhoek
Hendrik Idoplein 2
3073RC Rotterdam