This is how you can see everything to do with the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam -
Photo: © StudioVollaersZwart via Rotterdam Make It Happen

Follow everything to do with the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest online

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Rotterdam and is bound to be the most extraordinary edition ever. Never before were we able to follow everything to do with the Song Festival online in such detail. This automatically means you won’t have to miss a thing relating to this Rotterdam based spectacle from home and you can party along online (wearing your most eyecatching outfit, naturally)!

  • Follow a range of streams and immerse yourself in partying Rotterdam.
  • Check everything about the digital Eurovision Village online…
  • …while crawling in front of your TV set for the finals on 18, 20 and 22 May!

Eurovision Village

Eurovision Village is the official ‘fan zone’ of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, where fans gather digitally to enjoy the shows and a wide range of artists. This online 3D world in the center of Rotterdam allows visitors to attend shows by artists like DJ Afrojack and Johnny Logan from 15 through 23 May. In addition, visitors can also get a look behind the screens at Ahoy, the show’s official venue.

The Eurovision Village will also introduce you to Rotterdam, the festival’s hosting city, using an interactive map showing the city’s hotspots and cultural highlights. You can also meet notable and colorful Rotterdam locals for that real song festival feeling. It will almost feel like actually being in Rotterdam for real.

City Program  – Open Up to Rotterdam

To offer locals, the Netherlands and fans around the world a warmup for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, Rotterdam Festivals has created a City Program with a range of activities. From 14 through 22 May, everyone will be able to experience the atmosphere of the colorful event by means of (live)streams. More than fifty (cultural) organizations and entrepreneurs in Rotterdam will offer a variety of digital activities, such as open studios, singing competitions and musical shows in venues like playgrounds and mosques. Check out the activities on offer in the city.

24/7 livestreams

If you really really want to follow the 2021 Eurovision Song Festival day and night, you can see how Rotterdam prepares for the party 24x7 online. Webcams have been installed in several, often iconic, spots in Rotterdam that offer up a nonstop view of what is happening. Watch the big clock in front of the new Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, for instance, and count down the seconds until the finals. Or watch the imposing construction of the Song Contest set at Ahoy Rotterdam. You can find the livestreams here. 


In the online series LookLab, NikkieTutorials will welcome all of the artists participating in this 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. From her LookLab studio in Ahoy, she will talk to the competitors about their songs, their performances, and ofcourse their looks. Nikkie will welcome you into the glitter & glamour world of the Song Festival. LookLab will be broadcast on the Eurovision YouTube channel daily from 10 through 21 May.

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