Museum Rotterdam -
Photo: © Desirée Schippers
Museums in Rotterdam

Museum Rotterdam

Located right in the centre of Rotterdam, the Timmerhuis has accommodated the Museum Rotterdam since early 2016. Unique collections and Rotterdam natives recount the city’s story through the years in this modern museum.

  • Discover Rotterdam’s history.
  • Stroll through an architectural highlight: the Timmerhuis.
  • Discover the special story of Rotterdam through the collection.
Rodezand 26
3011AN Rotterdam
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The collection

Museum Rotterdam boasts an extraordinary collection of objects, ranging from costumes to tiles and from packaging to sculptures. Each has something to add about the city of Rotterdam. The objects are split up into three exhibitions: inhabitants, history, and reconstruction.

The Timmerhuis

The museum building is an eye catcher, too. Old and new unite to create a unique location for living, working, shopping, eating and drinking, and of course the Museum Rotterdam.

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Rotterdam is a young and dynamic city with a world-class port. The city of Rotterdam is internationally known for its modern architecture and design.

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