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Rotterdam Water Bus

Discover Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Kinderdijk from the waters with the water bus. You can get off along the way to explore the area on foot or by bike.

  • The Water Bus sails between Heijplaat-Rotterdam and Katendrecht as line 18.
  • Sail from Erasmusbrug to Kinderdijk in an hour with line 202
  • Take your bike along for free
Public transportation is the most normal thing in the world for the population of Rotterdam but a real adventure for people from outside the city. The Water Bus lies next to the Erasmusbrug bridge and sails every day. Destinations you can reach with the Water Bus include the windmills of Kinderdijk and one of Holland’s oldest cities, Dordrecht. A trip with the Water Bus is a fun way to see the city of Rotterdam, the port and nearby cities and Dutch polders.Their destinations include the beautiful Kinderdijk windmills and Dordrecht, one of Holland's oldest towns.

Bicycle tour

A trip on the Waterbus is a great way to explore the city of Rotterdam, its port, the neighbouring towns and cities and the Dutch polders. It is easy to spend a relaxed hour on the boat enjoying the views of the passing landscapes.

The Waterbus can also be your starting point for a beautiful bicycle tour. Enjoy the boat trip first and then take the bicycle for a ride past the highlights of Rotterdam and the port of Rotterdam, or take a tour of the old city centre of Dordrecht, the Kinderdijk windmills and Nature reserve De Biesbosch. You can take your bicycle along on the Waterbus for free.


The Waterbus sails throughout the year. The point of departure is right next to the Erasmusbrug bridge. Don’t forget to inquire after the current packages and discount deals. You may get a discount on the Kinderdijk windmills or a water tour of Rotterdam. The Rotterdam bicycle tours are equally inspiring; pick a tour that fits into your schedule.

Editors’ tip: Purchase the special Water Bus Day Ticket and take advantage of a variety of discounts!

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