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Parkhaven 9
3016GM Rotterdam
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Splashtours are a great way to discover the city of Rotterdam on land and in the water. The Splashtours involve a coach that rides on land and sails on the water. So you will be driving through the city centre of Rotterdam one minute, and sailing amid other ships on the Meuse the other. If nothing else, the Splashtour is the most original way to discover Rotterdam!

  • Experience Rotterdam in a unique way.
  • Excellent review from Tripadvisor.
  • See Rotterdam’s skyline from the water.

Splashtours itinerary

The coach takes you past all of the city’s highlights, including the Erasmus bridge, Euromast and cube houses. After a sixty minute ride through Rotterdam, you’ll start the second part of the Splashtour. The bus drives into the water and, amid the other marine traffic on the Meuse, sails to Hotel New York and back. Rotterdam’s impressive skyline is at its most beautiful when seen from the water.

View on Erasmusbrug from Euromast


Rotterdam is a young and dynamic city with a world-class port. The city of Rotterdam is internationally known for its modern architecture and design.