St. Laurenskerk -

St. Laurenskerk

Grotekerkplein 27
3011GC Rotterdam

The ‘St. Laurenskerk’ or Great Church of Rotterdam is the only remaining medieval structure in Rotterdam. During the bommings of 1940, the church was severely damaged. In 1952, the people of Rotterdam decided to restore the church to its former grandeur.

  • The only remaining medieval building in Rotterdam.
  • Admire this beautiful Late Gothic church.
  • The St. Lawrence Church (Sint-Laurenskerk) is also known as the Great Church (de Grote Kerk).

Late Gothic Architecture

The Great Church was constructed between 1449 and 1525, in the late gothic period. Interesting details of the St. Laurenskerk are:

  • The copper choir fence dating back to 1713,
  • The sepulchers of sea heroes ‘Kortenaar’, ‘Van Brakel’ and ‘Witte de With’.
  • The carillon and no fewer than four organs.
  • The bronze doors made by Italian designer Manzù in 1968.  

Visit the Church of Rotterdam

If you are interested in churches then you should definitely pay a visit to the Great Church of Rotterdam. It’s a perfect example of late gothic architecture and an important symbol of Rotterdam.

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Rotterdam is a young and dynamic city with a world-class port. The city of Rotterdam is internationally known for its modern architecture and design.

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