COMM - Museum for Communication

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At COMM in The Hague, you’ll discover all about all kinds of communication. From apping, mailing and calling to telegraphy, post and regular talk - everything will be covered. Experience the place where the past, present and future of communication merge. Comm holds up a mirror to you and lets you discover how important communication is.

  • Look at communication in the world around you in a whole new way.
  • The collection boasts unique world class highlights.
  • You can even see the real Enigma encryption machine from WWII.

Communication is everything

We all communicate. COMM shows you every aspect of communication. Discover how communication has changed through the ages and how technology improves, changes, and also hinders communication. COMM helps you to look at communication with different eyes and is an educational experience for all.


Enter this 18th century building and admire unique objects, such as the letterbox of Simon de Brienne, a 17th century postmaster who kept over 2,600 undelivered messages on a wide array of topics. Or see the Blue Mauritius, one of the world’s most valuable stamps, as well as the Enigma machine used by Nazi Germany to encrypt and decrypt messages during WWII. You can see and experience all this and more at COMM in The Hague.

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