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Stadhouderslaan 37
2517HV The Hague
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Museon is a popular science museum in The Hague. The museum is founded on the idea that you learn faster if you can test the theory that you’ve learned in practice. Museon’s permanent exhibition is Your World, My World, where you can discover how life on Earth came into being.

  • Educational and fun.
  • Learn how life on earth came into being.
  • Discover the world in the Museon.

Your World, My World

Museon is both educational and fun. The main exhibition takes you on a voyage of discovery that reveals many unexpected relationships between man and its surrounding nature and culture. Museon’s  best quality is that it translates topical themes and developments in science and society into easily accessible information for a broad audience.

Discover Your World

Earth, dinosaurs, the first human beings, energy, nations, Romans, water, fossils, the Second World War, the Arctic, justice and peace. These topics are just a handful of what the science museum Museon in The Hague has to offer. Discover it yourself!

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