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The Hague

Parking in The Hague

Visiting The Hague in your own car or a rental? Then make sure that you’re up to date on The Hague’s parking policy and make sure to pay your fees. Read up here on parking locations, fees and P+R car parks in The Hague.

Parking in The Hague

You can park along the streets of The Hague, but you do have to pay at the closest parking meter. The exact fee varies depending on where you park, and is clearly indicated on all parking meters. It is safer and often cheaper to park in one of the city’s parking garages, of which there are fifteen in the centre alone, distributed across four different parking routes. Parking routes are clearly indicated as you enter the city.

P+R (park and ride)

Various P+R car parks exist around The Hague, where parking is cheap or even free. These car parks lie within a mere 30-minute trip by public transport of The Hague Central Station. P+R car parks that require payment often offer hourly and daily rates.

P+R car parks can be found at Ypenburg, Laan van NOI, Hoornwijck, De Uithof and ’t Schouw. The latter is also well-positioned for travel to Leiden.

Be aware that payment can usually be made by PIN or credit card, but the specific available options vary per parking meter. Failing to pay can net you a hefty fine or even result in your car being towed, so be careful! For more addresses and information about parking in The Hague, inquire at your lodgings or with the local VVV tourist office.

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