Hotel Badhu - Utrecht

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Hidden in a beautiful building, the Arabian Badhu hotel and restaurant are both true gems for the senses. Badhu gives visitors the opportunity to relax in a mystic but modern way in the beautiful city of Utrecht.

  • Beautiful ocher and golden Arabic accents
  • Inspired by Moroccan hammam
  • Arabian restaurant – dishes from all over Arabia

Originally an Arabian bathhouse

Together with the hotel rooms’ large open bathrooms and the, for guests, freely accessible hammam, the hotel refers to the building’s original use as a bathhouse. The hammam enables visitors to completely relax with steam, scrub- and henna treatments and lovely massages. The Arabian spheres of the hotel and the hammam are a pure indulgence for both the body and soul.

Luxurious equipped rooms

Furthermore, each room has their own look and feel due to color and decoration. All rooms are equipped with a luxurious bathroom with a bath and rain shower, internet connection, telephone, flat screen TV, Nespresso coffee machine and a minibar.

Dishes from Arabia

The restaurant – situated below the hotel - takes you along an exploration of Arabic countries by serving wonderful tajines and delicious mezzes, small dishes, wines and cocktails from Arabic countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Libia, Libanon, Syria, Tunesia, Egypt and Oman