Parking in Utrecht -

Parking in Utrecht

Visiting Utrecht by car? Then make sure that you’re up to date on Utrecht’s parking policy and make sure to pay your fees. Read up here on parking locations, fees and P+R car parks in Utrecht.

Parking in Utrecht

Parking on the street is permitted in the municipality of Utrecht, but space is limited and the fees are often higher than in parking garages. It is therefore cheaper and safer to park in one of the parking garages, where fees vary from €2 to €3 per hour and a day ticket costs about €30.

If you wish to park in the city centre nonetheless, make sure that you are aware of how much you have to pay. Payment can usually be made by credit card or PIN; the precise available options vary per parking meter. Failing to pay can net you a hefty fine and in some cases can even result in your car being towed, so be careful!

P+R (park and ride)

A good and affordable alternative to parking in the centre are the so-called P+R car parks. These lie on the city’s edges and offer bus and tram connections to the city centre. Utrecht has four P+R car parks where you can park for approximately €5 per day: Westraven (south of Utrecht), De Uithof (East of Utrecht, by the University), Papendorp (south of Utrecht) and Muziektheater (West of Utrecht).

You can pay by PIN or by credit card at the P+R parks.

Important information: since January 2015, Utrecht has established a green zone in the entire city centre. This means that diesel cars built before 2001 are no longer allowed in the centre. For more addresses and information about parking in Utrecht, inquire at your lodgings or with the local VVV tourist office.

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