Paushuize -
Photo: © Daan Bramer


The Paushuize (The Pope House) is a grand Renaissance house recognized as a national heritage site in Holland. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings in Utrecht.

  • Listed as a Dutch National Heritage Site.
  • Louis Napoleon's residence for 4 months.
  • Guided tours every Sunday.

Stunning architecture

The house has a very special architectural style with alternating red brick and layers of stone. The Paushuize also has a striking stepped gable which points out its Gothic influences. Inside, are lavishly decorated rooms and grand salons reminiscent of the Golden Age.

Housing great names

It was built in 1517 and named after a Dutch pope, Adrian VI, who built the house. At that time though he wasn't a pope yet, but a member of King Charles V's court in Spain. He was elected Pope in 1522 and died a year later in Rome, therefore never having the chance to inhabit his home in Utrecht. In 1807, the Paushuize was used as a residence by King Louis Napoleon for four months. And then, from 1814 to 1954 the building was used as a workspace and residence for the Commissioner of the King. Currently, the Paushuize is used as a representative space for the King's Commissioner.

Visit Paushuize!

Discover the many beautiful rooms of one of Utrecht's most important historical monuments. Visit the Paushuize and relish in the glamour and grandeur of old times past.

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