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The Utrecht flea market

Like in every big city, Utrecht celebrates King’s Day to the fullest. A flea market is held throughout the city centre and there are concerts on multiple stages. Decorated boats sail through the canals. If you are in Utrecht around 27 April, make sure you join in the festivities.

All about kids

The party for children mainly revolves around Park Lepelenburg and the Nijntje Pleintje (Miffy’s Square). They sell their own toys or try to earn a little money with an act or music performance. The quality ranges from impressive to touching or hilarious.


There is a lot of music on the many squares in the city, such as Domplein, Janskerkhof, Neude, Begijneplein and Ledig Erf. There is music everywhere, ranging from trendy DJs playing dance music to live jazz, pop and rock.

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Celebrate King’s Day

Apr. 27, 2023 All of Holland

Participate in the national celebration on 27 April and enjoy fun activities in every city!

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