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Utrecht city

Discover historic Utrecht with its many pleasant canals, shopping streets and restaurants. If you love wide open landscapes, you will have plenty to see around Utrecht in the ‘green heart’ of Holland.

  • Explore the welcoming city centre and have a great lunch at the wharves along the canals.
  • Enjoy the beautiful museums in Utrecht.
  • Discover the beautiful natural landscapes with countless palaces nearby.

Utrecht at a glance

The centrally located Utrecht is the smallest of Holland’s twelve provinces. The province’s capital is also called Utrecht, often referred to as Holland’s cultural treasure chest. The university city is built around the Dom tower, from which you can see nearly the entire province. On a clear day, you can see the lakes and forests in the distance, with several of Holland’s most imposing gentleman’s residences and castles. 

Highlights of Utrecht 

In addition to the lively university city, you will find beautiful castles and palaces like Zeist Castle and Soestdijk Palace, in the province outside the city. Animal Park Amersfoort is a pleasure for the entire family.

You should also explore the beautiful landscape around Utrecht with, among other things, the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a row of hills covered with pines, the Vecht river, and Vinkeveense and Loosdrechtse Plassen. The Loosdrechtse Plassen in particular offer spectacular water sports facilities and activities. The cycling route along the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie or New Dutch Waterline is highly recommended.  

Visit Utrecht 

It may be the smallest province in Holland, but as you can see Utrecht has plenty to offer. There are beautiful villages near the lively capital, all within easy reach by public transport or a car. Zeist, for instance, is popular for its chic boutiques and haute couture. Quench your thirst for fashion at a ten minute drive away!

Accessibility and parking in Utrecht

Utrecht is centrally located and about 30 minutes by car from Amsterdam and some 45 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. If you travel by car, make sure to check where you are allowed to park your car in Utrecht.

To discover nearby

If you are in Utrecht and would like to see other cities nearby, Amersfoort and Gouda, which is known for its cheese, candles and ‘stroopwafels’, are definitely worthwhile. Hilversum, in the forested Gooi is also a fantastic place.


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Editors’ tip:

If you want to get out of the bustle, rent a bicycle and take the ‘Castle Route’. You will ride through beautiful landscapes and see plenty of wonderful castles and mansions.

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