Amusement parks in Holland

A visit to an theme park guarantees a great day. Holland has various theme parks for young children, but older children can also have great fun with roller coasters, playgrounds, merry-go-rounds and water parks. View the greatest theme parks in Holland here and buy your tickets at a discount online now.

Where is what?



Discover the amusement park where fairy tales really come to life.



The miniature city that shows why Holland is so special.



The whole family is welcome at amusement park Drievliet.


Walibi Holland

Dare jump into these wild rides and rollercoaster’s.


The Amsterdam Dungeon

Are you ready for the most exciting experience in Amsterdam?


Amusement Park Duinrell

Sensational rollercoasters and the best swimmingpool in Europe.



Climbing and sliding down again – your children will be entertained for hours at Linnaeushof, Europe’s biggest playground.



Come play ‘inside outside’ in the TunFun underground playground in Amsterdam.


Adventurepark Hellendoorn

A family park where families with young children feel at home.



Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval times in Holland.


Miniworld Rotterdam

Discover a mini version of the city by the Meuse at MiniWorld Rotterdam, the biggest indoor miniature world in the Benelux.


Themepark and Resort Slagharen

More than 30 shows & rides, a water park and luxuriously furnished cottages to spend the night in.

The greatest theme parks in Holland

Throughout Holland, you and your children can visit the greatest of theme parks, both for the youngest kids and true daredevils. Are you into roller coasters, or more of a fairy tale forest kind of person? Find out what theme park is right for you here.

Theme parks for the youngest kids

Are your children still too young for crazy roller coasters? Many theme parks also have attractions for toddlers. So try visiting, for example, Amusementspark Tivoli, Familiepark DrievlietLinnaeushof or Juliana Toren. Bouncing around in a bouncy castle, playing with water, or riding a train are among the options here.

Exciting theme parks

Only for daredevils: the highest and fastest roller coaster in Holland and Belgium can be found in Walibi Holland where you’ll reach speeds up to 106 kilometers/65 miles per hour! In theme parks like De EftelingAvonturenpark Hellendoorn and Attractiepark Slagharen, you’ll have a great time if you enjoy exciting rides. Good to know: the famous roller coaster Python in De Efteling theme park goes even faster at the end of the day than in the morning. That’s because by that time, the oil in the wheel bearings has really warmed up.

Experience history

What could be more fun that taking on the guise of a historical figure? In Archeon, children can experience the time of the Romans or prehistory. When visiting Arsenaal, your children get to be true pirates. Not only can your children play and use their imagination here, these parks are also very educational.

Discount tickets

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Spending the night at an amusement park

Sleep between the rollercoasters!

Want to stick around after a day at Walibi? You can! The amusement park has its own holiday park, where you will literally be sleeping between the rollercoasters. Young and old will have fun at the holiday park, for instance in the indoor swimming pool and recreation space.

Holiday Park Slagharen

Holiday Park Slagharen is distributed over various parts of the attraction park of the same name. The accommodations are available in various themes. This is ideal for the kids, while there is much to do for adults in the natural surroundings.

Fairytale accommodations

Bosrijk has been elected Holland's Best Holiday Park 4 times in a row. The accommodations are totally in line with the Efteling style and within walking distance of the park.

Want to have fun with the family?



Holland is home to some of the best and most exciting zoos in the world.


Kids Museums

Kids will love these museums, and so will their (grand)parents.