WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen


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WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen

Take a one-day world expedition! WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen takes you past all of the world’s places where unique animals can be spotted.

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Explore the world in one day! WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen takes its visitors on a journey through the jungle, the savannah and the polar regions.

  • Go on an adventure across the world’s continents.
  • Find yourself eye to eye with wild animals.
  • Take a boat trip on the Rimbula River.

Adventure in the jungle

The jungle is a treasure trove of excitement: temple ruins with hundreds of butterflies, river rapids, birds, elephants: a real adventure!

Hot and dry on the savannah

Have you ever visited a Dogon village? You can at WILDLANDS. Once there, board a truck to go on safari and meet the hippos.

Under a thick layer of ice

Emmen’s polar zone lies under a thick layer of ice. Go on an expedition to spot polar bears, penguins and seals.

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WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen
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