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Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age

In 2019, it will be the 350th anniversary of the death of Rembrandt van Rijn, one of Holland's most famous painters. His life and the Golden Age in which he lived and worked will be celebrated for an entire year with fantastic exhibitions and events. Discover extraordinary cities that are living memories of this prosperous period, and learn all about Rembrandt's life and beautiful works.

350 years of Rembrandt and the Golden Age

Celebrate the life and work of Rembrandt and the Golden Age in key Dutch cities throughout 2019.

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Discover Rembrandt and the art of the Dutch Golden Age

2019 marks the 350th anniversary of the death of Rembrandt van Rijn. Throughout the year, a series of exhibitions and events will unfold across the country celebrating this artist’s considerable achievements and legacy, as well as the rich period he worked within, the Dutch Golden Age. Stretching from Middelburg and Dordrecht in the south up to Delft and The Hague, before moving onto Rembrandt’s birthplace, Leiden, various exhibitions and museum collections will outline the wonder and wealth of this period. But it doesn’t stop there as there’s more to see in Haarlem, Amsterdam, and Hoorn and Enkhuizen, shedding light on how this era became a beacon for progress. These nine important and then thriving cities form the backbone of a vibrant selection of exhibitions and events taking place throughout the Netherlands in 2019. 

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Throughout 2019, an array of fascinating exhibitions will educate and surprise visitors, providing new insights into Rembrandt and the Golden Age. For example, Leiden’s newly renovated Museum de Lakenhal will host ‘Young Rembrandt’, an exhibition that promises to reveal how Rembrandt’s talent developed. Expect works on loan from national and international collections, many previously unseen. For the first time the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will show its entire collection of Rembrandt paintings, prints and drawings, along with a ‘Rembrandt-Velázquez’ exhibition to compare the Dutch and Spanish Golden Ages. Read more about the insightful and expansive Rembrandt and the Golden Age exhibitions taking place and plan your visits in 2019.

Learn how art played a major role in the thriving Dutch cities of the Golden Age

Nine cities exemplify the riches of the 16th and 17th centuries, and art played a major role in how they thrived. Before being unseated by Amsterdam, Middelburg in the south was the commercial hub of the Netherlands and was well-known for its wine industry and lens crafting. Dordrecht, the first city to be declared such in the Netherlands is also the birthplace of Nicolaes Maes. A former pupil of Rembrandt, his work was clearly reminiscent of the master, and sometimes difficult to tell apart. Developments in painting were a hallmark of the period, and Johannes Vermeer, one of Delft’s most famous artists, was at the forefront. There are several theories about how he created his almost photorealistic paintings including the use of optics and the camera obscura. Museum Prinsenhof will show a selection of paintings by Pieter de Hooch, an artist influenced by Vermeer and developments in painting at the time. De Hooch’s style was all of his own, and his work often featured Delft. The Hague is home to the Mauritshuis which houses an exemplary collection of Dutch paintings, including artists Paulus Potter and Jan Steen, who called the city home. Leiden, of course, was the birthplace of Rembrandt and the country’s first university. Haarlem is home to Frans Hals, another famous Dutch master, who is credited with the creation of new genres and subjects to paint, a revolutionary discovery at the time. Which brings us to Amsterdam, a city of great wealth and a vibrant cultural hub known for its blossoming arts, sciences and trading tradition. The last port of call is Hoorn and Enkhuizen in the north, which was the home base for the world-renowned Dutch East India Trading Company.

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