The 5 best city beaches

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It is a huge trend in European cities: the city beach. After enjoying hectic urban life, these ‘beaches’ allow you to relax and enjoy without having to travel to the coast. We have found the best city beaches in Holland for you.

  • Enjoy beach life in the city.
  • The best urban beaches in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Amersfoort.
  • Hotel tips near the city beaches.

You can spend a wonderful day on a city beach. With summer weather and a range of tasty treats and drinks, these places are summer favourites! Several big cities in Holland boast city beaches.

1. Amsterdam: Strandzuid

Enjoy the sun the chic way!

This luxury city beach offers 2000 square metres of enjoyment for those who love lounging, good cocktails and great food. Relax on a lounge chair or compete in a game of beach volleyball. Unfortunately you cannot swim at Strandzuid so this is the ultimate location for enjoying the sun!
Address: Strandzuid. Europaplein 22, Amsterdam

2. Amsterdam: Strand West

The most relaxed city beach in Amsterdam.

With its view of the IJ river and a relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect city beach if you want to relax in care-free surroundings. This is where you will find hammocks and beanbags and an alternative audience consisting mainly of students. An excellent DJ mans the turntables for those who love to dance.
Address: Strand West. Stavangerweg 900, Amsterdam

Blijburg Beach in Amsterdam

3. Amsterdam: IJburg beach

This is Amsterdam’s city beach for those who like swimming in natural water.

A hippie-like mood that attracts young families and artistic Amsterdam locals. You will always find good music and an open fire here.
Address: Strand IJburg. Muiderlaan 1001, Amsterdam.

Hotel tip: Book a hotel in IJburg and Amsterdam from the other side. The small ferry takes you to the city in 10 minutes. 

4. Utrecht: Strand Oog in Al

City beach with covered seating area.

Utrecht’s prime city beach is located at the northernmost tip of Oog in Al, where the Amsterdam Rhine Canal and Merwedekanaal join. Spend your day relaxing in the sun, enjoying some great food and drinks. Since it also has a covered seating area, you can even enjoy the beach when it’s raining.
Address: Strand Oog in Al, Kanaalweg 196, Utrecht

Hotel tip: The NH hotel boasts a wonderful view of Utrecht and allows you to cycle to Oog in Al.

5. Zandfoort aan de Eem

Enjoy the real beach life on a fantastic terrace and dance your way into the weekend on a Friday night.

The mood in Zandfoort aan de Eem is free-spirited. There are picnic tables, beach chairs, a restaurant with bar, and lots of space for children to play. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Address: Zandfoort aan de Eem, Eemlaan 100, Amersfoort.

Hotel tip: From the Mercure Hotel, it takes only a short walk to the city beach and the inner city.