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The Highlights of the Year 2019 in Holland

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In 2019, Holland celebrates the 350th anniversary of the death of a great painter: Rembrandt van Rijn. Multiple museums are dedicated to the works of this master, including the newly-opened Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden. Here are the highlights to look out for on your next trip to Holland in 2019.

  • To mark the 350th anniversary of his death, Holland celebrates painter Rembrandt.
  • Visit the new Nieuw Land National Park in Markermeer.
  • Several big events make 2019 a festival year!

Saskia and Rembrandt: Love in the Golden Age

She was the love of his life: Saskia Uylenburgh, a young and beautiful patrician’s daughter from Leeuwarden. She inspired the great artist, who repeatedly captured her in portraits and as a female figure in his works. The Fries Museum in Leeuwarden has dedicated a large exhibition to the city’s famous daughter until March 2019: Rembrandt & Saskia, Love in the Golden Age. The exhibition doesn’t just highlight Saskia’s role in Rembrandt’s works, but also the wedding customs of the 17th century. It focuses on the bright, joyful sides of marriage, like being in love and weddings, as well as the darker sides like child mortality and adultery. Joy and suffering - things were no different in the marriage between Rembrandt and Saskia. The pair married in 1634 in Sint Annaparochie village in Friesland, before later moving to Amsterdam. Of their four children, only their son Titus reached adulthood. Just before she turned 30, Saskia also died, most likely of tuberculosis, in Amsterdam. She was buried in the Oude Kerk church, where her grave can still be seen today.

Holland celebrates Rembrandt!

In 2019, Holland won’t just be celebrating the love between Rembrandt van Rijn and Saskia Uylenburgh, but also the 350th anniversary of the death of the great Dutch painter. A good occasion to honour his life and times, the Golden Age, with a year of exhibitions and events. One of the most important Rembrandt events in Holland in 2019 is the Rembrandt and Mauritshuis exhibition, which can be visited from 31 January 2019 until 15 September 2019 in Den Haag, as well as the “Young Rembrandt“ exposition, which takes place from 3 November 2019 until 9 February 2020 at the De Lakenhal Museum in Leiden. About 40 paintings, 120 etchings and 20 drawings illuminate, in particular, the early works of the great master.

An overview of all the Rembrandt and Golden Age events can be found in our Rembrandt Overview 2019.

Re-opening in June 2019: De Lakenhal Museum in Leiden

The Rembrandt exhibition will be one of the first highlights on show at the De Lakenhal city museum in 2019, following a three-year renovation project. From 15 June 2019, the wonderful, historic building erected in 1640 in the centre of Leiden will once again be open to the public. The exhibition space has been enlarged in order to provide more space for the collection of over 23,000 objects. Among the top pieces are paintings by Rembrandt and Jan Steen as well as silver and glass objects, furniture, sculptures, ceramics and photographs, e.g. by the famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. Learn more about the De Lakenhal Museum in Leiden!

Must-see in Delft in 2019: Pieter de Hooch

He isn’t quite as famous a painter as Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer, who also came from Delft, but those who see Pieter de Hooch’s works will soon fall for his magic. A young woman with her maid in the living room, a Dutch woman peeling apples by the fireplace, a young mother with her child in Delft backyard - Pieter de Hooch’s paintings depict the daily lives of common people in Delft in the 17th century. The harmonious interplay of colour, light and perspective have established Pieter de Hooch as an artist whose paintings magically draw you into the world of the Golden Age. The “Pieter de Hooch in Delft. From the shadows of Vermeer“ exhibition can be visited from 11 October 2019 to 16 February 2020 at the Het Prinsenhof Museum in the idyllic town of Delft.

Nieuw Land National Park: the biggest man-made nature park in the world

The Markermeer lake, long since a hotspot for sailors and boaters, is home to picturesque ports and links to many more large lakes, such as the IJsselmeer. Now the Markermeer is home to yet another attraction: In the middle of the great lake district, several islands have been created, known as the Marker Wadden. These small islands of sand, clay and silt ensure that the Markermeer has plenty of shoals and natural shores, which benefits the flora and fauna. Migratory birds are expected to come there to breed native birds. The first island is already accessible for visitors and in 2019, new facilities, such as a small beach restaurant with an information centre, a camp site and small cottages will be added. Three bird watching huts have already been built. The Marker Wadden and the Markermeer, together with the Oostvaardersplassen and Lepelaarplassen nature reserves, form the new Nieuw Land National Park, which is actually the largest man-made nature park in the world. Discover more highlights that Dutch nature has to offer.

Festival year 2019 highlights

The Flying Dutch, the largest outdoor electronic dance festival in Holland, takes place in summer 2019 at three locations simultaneously: Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. The flying Dutchmen are the DJs themselves at these events: The best DJs in the country will be transported to and from the different locations by helicopter. The Flying Dutch 2019 takes place on Saturday, 1 June. Another spectacular highlight is Dutch Design Week. The Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in Northern Europe, takes place between 19 October and 27 October 2019 in Eindhoven. Visitors can marvel at the works of around 2,600 designers across roughly 100 locations all over the city.

Find out about what other festivals are taking place in Holland at Events 2019.

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