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7x restaurants in Drenthe

Are you in Emmen or Assen for the day, or holidaying in Drenthe? Don’t waste your time searching for a suitable restaurant. We have selected the best places for you, from rural fine dining to a welcoming terrace near urban shopping centers.

  • Find a table by the fireplace at a pleasant restaurant after a winter walk.
  • Try the regional dishes and culinary creations in Drenthe’s top restaurants.
  • Combine your ‘hunebed’ visit with a relaxing moment on a terrace.

We have selected 7 great restaurants in Drenthe for you: 

1. Restaurant De Loohoeve*

Away from the beaten path in rural Drenthe? This is well worth a detour! De Loohoeve was awarded a Michelin star and multiple awards. The restaurant serves delicious, exciting culinary creations for the vegetarian gourmet too. 

Address: Hoofdstraat 20, Schoonloo 

2. Restaurant De Sluiswachter

Dinner at a prime location overlooking the water - this makes for pure romance. In summer you can enjoy the garden terrace, while the dining room’s intimate ambiance is perfect for winter. De Sluiswachter serves varying four to six course surprise menus with seasonal produce.

Address: Dieversluis 2, Dwingeloo 

3. Restaurant De Huiskamer

After a lovely walk through the Dwingelderveld nature reserve, go to restaurant De Huiskamer for drinks and a lovely meal. Try the various regional dishes with duck, venison or mussels. In winter, book a table near the open fire.

Address: Kerkdijk 2, Ansen 

4. Pannenkoekenschip

Pancakes are the perfect conclusion to an outing with the children. And a real pancake boat with a view through the portholes is the perfect place to eat them. The classics with cheese and bacon are on the menu, of course, but  how about piri piri chicken, salmon and asparagus, or a pizza pancake? Hamburgers and salads are also on the menu.

Address: Vaart Noordzijde 1, Assen 

5. In de Goede Luim

Time for lunch! Order the ‘Goede luim’ fried eggs with cheese and ham, a ‘dikke plak stoet’, or enjoy a specialty coffee. After a shopping spree or a day at the zoo in Emmen, the large terrace in the city center of Emmen with its varied menu from lunch to pre-dinner drinks is the perfect place to relax.

Address: Hoofdstraat 40, Emmen 

6. De Jufferen Lunsingh

Restaurant De Jufferen Lunsingh in three words: chic, rural, and homemade. The restaurant has its own herb and veg garden, orchard with heirloom trees, berry garden, and even its own cattle. The fish and ham are smoked in-house and the venison is butchered at the restaurant. You should definitely plan to try some of the favorite dishes.

Address: Hoofdweg 13, Westervelde

7. Vlint 21

This contemporary restaurant has a modern menu with fish, meat, and vegan options. It can be found in Borger, one of the best places to discover the hunebeds and ancient history of Drenthe. Bonus: a big terrace, bar and hotel.

Address: Hoofdstraat 21, Borger

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