Cycling route ‘van terp tot eiland’ (44.7 km)

Discover the island feeling on Schokland and enjoy the gorgeous environment full of flower bulb fields and blossoms. The cycling route ‘van terp tot eiland’ displays Flevoland at its most beautiful.

  • Cycle through the vast polder of Flevoland and discover the former island of Schokland.
  • Admire the gorgeous blossoms and flower bulb fields during spring.
  • Visit Museum Schokland and learn more about the battle against the waters.

Schitterend Schokland

In this gorgeous, vast part of Holland, cycling is a treat. The route passes through one of Flevoland’s oldest areas, the former island of Schokland. Because in the past this island was rather swampy and impassable, its residents moved to the mainland. Since the reclamation of the Zuiderzee, it is no longer an island, but it is still wonderfully peaceful.

Tulips and fruit blossoms in spring

Today, this former island is a wonderfully green and peaceful area full of tulip fields and fruit blossoms where cycling, especially during spring and summer, is an absolute treat. The only thing that still shows that this used to be an island is the long row of trees that demarcate the former edge of the island.

Oldruitenborgh estate

The route begins and ends in Kraggenburg and leads past, among others, Museum Schokland. There, you can learn everything about the residents of Schokland, the development and perishing of the island and the reclamation of the polder. Another interesting place to visit is the Orchideeënhoeve (Orchid Farm) and its beautiful butterfly garden. And if you feel like enjoying a special lunch on a beautiful estate along the way, or conclude your trip by spending the night in an exclusive place, be sure to stop at the gorgeous Oldruitenborgh Estate in Vollenhove (Groenestraat 24), a small village near Kraggenburg.

Practical information:

Number of kilometers: 44.7
Nodes:  03, 14, 38, 05, 22, 85, 47, 61, 21, 87, 20, 70, 81, 95, 64, 03
Starting and ending point: Kraggenburg.   

The addresses you will pass along the way:

1) Oldruitenborg Estate. Groenestraat 24, Vollenhove 
2) Hotel van Saaze. Dam 16, Kraggenburg
3) Museum Schokland. Middelbuurt 3, 8319 AB Schokland

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