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Eating by the water’s edge in Flevoland

Harbors, lakes, natural landscapes and dunes - Flevoland has many wonderful places where you can dine, or lunch, or have a drink, or enjoy a cup of coffee by the water’s edge. You’ll never get enough of the waters of Flevoland!

  • Take a seat at one of the first polder pioneers’ tables
  • Discover the unique restaurants along Holland’s largest lakes
  • Enjoy surprising fish combinations by the former Zuiderzee sea

Flevoland, being land reclaimed from the Zuiderzee sea, is surrounded by water. That means that you can find great restaurants by the water’s edge in all its towns – on the quays, by the harbor and on or by the beach.

Taste the atmosphere of Flevoland

In Bataviahaven in Lelystad, you’ll find a variety of atmospheric restaurants by the water’s edge that promise a wonderful experience. In restaurant De Cantine, located by museum Nieuw Land, you can still taste the atmosphere of the world’s largest land reclamation project; in the past, this is where the polder pioneers sat down to dinner.

Fresh fish on a former island

And in the picturesque fishing village of Urk, once an island in the Zuiderzee sea, you’ll find a wonderful restaurant located in a former shipyard by the harbor. It serves tasty combinations of, among others, various types of fish caught by the village’s own fishing fleet.

Unique locations

Another unique place to eat is the beach pavilion at Netl – right in the middle of the polder landscape, you’ll unexpectedly find dunes, water, and a hip restaurant with hip food. The same goes for Zuiderzoet, where you’d swear you were in a French port city. At Sea, where you can also hire a boat to explore the Randmeren (Border Lakes)

If you find yourself in Almere, be sure to visit Boathouse by the gorgeous nature reserve of the Noorderplassen (Northern Lakes). Or sit down and relax with a drink at Strandbasserie De Jutter by Gooimeer lake.


  • Lelystad: You’ll find various restaurants right by the water’s edge in Bataviahaven
  • Lelystad: Restaurant De Cantine, Oostvaardersdijk 113, Lelystad, T +31 (0)320 225 975
  • Urk: Restaurant De Boet, Wijk 1 61, 8321 EM Urk, T +31 (0)527 688 736
  • Noordoostpolder: Netl Park, Leemringweg 19, 8317 RD Kraggenburg, T +31 (0)527 203 043
  • Zeewolde:  Brasserie Zuiderzoet, Slingerweg 5, 3896 LD Zeewolde, T +31 (0)36 538 2000
  • Dronten: Bar & Restaurant At Sea, Drontermeerdijk 13, 8251 PV Dronten, T +31 (0)321 316 647
  • Almere: Restaurant Boathouse, Noorderplassenweg 150, 1316 VV Almere, T  +31 (0)36 530 5000
  • Almere: Strandbrasserie De Jutter, Strandweg 16, 1353 CZ Almere-Haven, T +31 (0)36 737 0324

Editor’s tip

Not only are there many opportunities to enjoy eating by the waters of Flevoland, there is also great fun to be had on the water. Take a boat tour across Holland’s largest lake, or rent a boat and sail the waters between the old and the new lands. You’ll marvel at the gorgeous vistas!

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