On 1 January 1986, the new province of Flevoland, the largest land reclamation project in history, was added to Holland. Where first there was only water, you will now find gorgeous nature, culture and sights. Find out everything about the history of Flevoland’s origin in various locations.

  • In Flevoland, you are no fewer than six meters beneath sea level (NAP)!
  • Learn everything about how the Dutch deal with water in Batavialand.
  • Board the Batavia with your children and discover the nautical history of Holland.

What is there to do in Flevoland?

Flevoland, the largest land reclamation project in the world, is Holland’s youngest province. Here, people literally live on what used to be the sea floor of the former Zuiderzee, and you will today find gorgeous, pristine nature, islands on dry land and cities like Almere and Lelystad full of inspiring art and architecture. In Batavialand, the ultimate Heritage Park of the Low Countries, you will discover the story behind this unique land reclamation project.


The heritage park Batavialand comprises various attractions such as the Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum (New Land Heritage Centre), the Bataviawerf (Batavia Wharf) and the Dutch East India Company ship Batavia. See how Flevoland was created and step aboard the Batavia to relive the glory days of the Dutch East India Company. In Batavialand you will also find all the information about water management, dike construction, dredging and land reclamation, and you can also take a look here at the history of navigation and shipbuilding in Holland. There is extensive documentation and unique collections of items from shipwrecks.

The largest shipwreck graveyard in the world

Flevoland is also the world’s largest shipwreck graveyard. Over 450 wrecks have been found in Flevoland, and can still be identified in the polder landscape by the three-metre-tall white and blue poles with a red ship on them.

More in Flevoland

There are many beautiful things to be discovered in the impressive polder area of Flevoland. For nature lovers, there are the gorgeous nature reserves of the Oostvaardersplassen or Horsterwold. A visit to the former islands of Schokland and Urk is also something one really can’t afford to miss out on. And what about the many leisure parks? Try Walibi Holland or the Aviodrome for some excitement and fun. Shopping fanatics are well advised to visit Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, and for architecture enthusiasts Almere is a must.

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Land of Water

Did you know that no less than 26 per cent of Holland lies below sea level? See and experience how Holland manages and enjoys its water in a variety of places.

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Discover New land Flevoland

Flevoland has the most special places where you can eat at the water’s edge. Take a look at our tips here!

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Sailing in Flevoland

Rent a boat or take a boat tour and experience a wonderful feeling of freedom on the waters of Flevoland.

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One of the newest nature reserves of the Netherlands has rapidly developed itself into an area of global significance.

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