Waterpoort Sneek
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Sneek is the water sport capital of Friesland. The final of the skûtsjesilen championships takes place here and it’s home to the largest inland water event in Europe: Sneekweek. Every water sport enthusiast planning on visiting Friesland should definitely visit Sneek.

  • Sneek is a must see for every water sports lover.
  • Visit Sneekweek, the biggest water sports event on European inland water.
  • Discover the beautiful canals and historic Waterpoort (water gate).

Highlights of Sneek

This city with approximately 33.000 inhabitants is primarily known for water sports. Next to this, Sneek attracts many day trip visitors. The town has several beautiful canals and just like everyone else that visits, you will want to have your picture taken at the Watergate. This 17th century gate was part of a larger defensive system and has become the emblem of Sneek.

11 Fountains

German artist Stephan Balkenhol’s ‘Fortuna’s Fountain’ refers to the goddess of good luck and patroness of cities, families and population groups. For this spectacular water work, the artist subverted Fortuna’s image into that of a man, continually revolving on a golden sphere, powered by the force of water pumping from a gigantic horn he is holding. Rising out of the waters of the Hoogend in the heart of the city, it’s the perfect symbol of Sneek’s changing fortunes throughout history. ‘Fortuna’s Fountain’ was designed for the 11Fountains project, in which a fountain was created for each of Friesland’s 11 cities.

Visit Sneek

If you’re planning on staying in Friesland, you should definitely visit Sneek. This vibrant town offers great water sport facilities. During the summer it hosts many great events that attract both water sport enthusiasts and landlubbers.

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