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The alternative Eleven Cities Tour

The Frisian eleven cities are most famous for the world’s biggest ice-skating event: the Elfstedentocht or Eleven Cities Tour. But did you know that the Frisian eleven cities are also well worth a visit outside the winter season? These so-called alternative Eleven Cities Tours are an extraordinary way to explore the province of Friesland while leaving your ice skates at home. 

  • Experience the Eleven Cities Tour, even when there’s no ice.
  • Drive, cycle or sail to the eleven pearls of Friesland.
  • Do the alternative Eleven Cities Tour in one or several days.
We have selected four ways to travel to the Frisian eleven cities while enjoying a range of natural, cultural and culinary delights. 

Alternative Eleven Cities Tours

Eleven Cities Tour by motorcycle

Don’t let the Frisian eleven cities flash by too quickly! Do the Eleven Cities Tour by motorcycle. You will have all the more energy to enjoy the Frisian eleven pearls. Get off and enjoy the scenery at your own pace. 

Eleven Cities Tour by bicycle

The Elfstedentocht or Eleven Cities Tour is a quintessentially Frisian top event. You can take all the time you want to do the tour of all tours, so explore the Frisian eleven cities at your leisure. Along the way, you will get to know Frisian culture and have a chance to visit historic buildings. On Whit Monday, you can participate in the Fietselfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour) with 15,000 other cyclists.

Eleven Cities Tour by boat

The Eleven Cities route by boat comes highly recommended. Along the way, you will discover the beautiful Frisian landscapes and sail through authentic Frisian cities. At the end of the day, you can dock your boat in the welcoming harbors. There is ample time to reflect on your adventures on the water, go shopping, experience Frisian culture, or find a table on a terrace for some culinary delights.

Eleven Cities Tour on foot

205 kilometers on foot... It sounds like a lot but you’ll have 5 days to complete the tour! Participate in the Eleven Cities Walking Tour and enjoy the contrast between urban and rural scenery. The tour starts and ends in the Frisian capital of Leeuwarden. It’s a real challenge, but fortunately you will be able to enjoy a wonderful dinner and a glass of wine in the evenings.

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