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Unexpected traces of De Stijl in Drachten

In the twenties, the recently established art movement called De Stijl came to Drachten and embellished day to day life there. The reason was the special friendship between the architect and painter Theo van Doesburg and the brothers Evert and Thijs Rinsema. This friendship paved the way for De Stijl and the Dada movement Drachten.

  • Discover the special relationship between De Stijl and Drachten.
  • Visit Museum Dr8888 with its extensive collection of works from these avant-garde art forms.
  • Stroll through the iconic Van Doesburg-Rinsema House.

Museum Dr8888

Museum Dr8888 is located in a former monastery and owns a big collection of unique objects from these avant-garde art movements. The architect Theo van Doesburg often created comprehensive, precise and extraordinary drawings for his commissions, which are works of art in and of themselves really. Some of these drawings are on display at Museum Dr8888, such as color designs for the Papegaaienbuurt district, drawings for stained-glass windows, or the remarkable Boogschutter.

Address: Museumplein 2, Drachten

Drachten and De Stijl

The heart of the collection focuses on the brothers Evert and Thijs Rinsema. De Stijl made its way to Drachten when Evert and Thijs Rinsema moved to the city. The Rinsema Wing at Museum Dr8888 permanently displays work by the Rinsema brothers, Van Doesburg, and the German Dadaist Kurt Schwitters.

Van Doesburg-Rinsema House

You should also visit the Van Doesburg-Rinsema House, a fully renovated residence built according to De Stijl principles. In 1920, Evert Rinsema introduced the local urban architect to his friend Theo van Doesburg. Evert Rinsema and Theo van Doesburg became friends while in the army, and Van Doesburg had established De Stijl in partnership with Mondrian and Van der Leck in Leiden. Van Doesburg contributed to the design of sixteen residences around the Torenstraat. This then led to the well-known Papegaaienbuurt district. Thus, De Stijl also left its traces in Drachten.

One of these residences in the Papegaaienbuurt district can be visited today and is called the Van Doesburg-Rinsema House. It was thoroughly renovated and has become a museum residence.

Address: Torenstraat 3, Drachten

Editor’s tip

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